How does it work?

Step 1: Give us a call

Scrapping your car only requires a simple phone call, and that’s it! To kick start the process, get in touch with us on 0161 7616 481, and select scrap metal and scrap vehicle enquiries.

Step 2: Provide your details

Provide your car registration, your location, along with a brief description of your car’s condition to receive an instant quote.

Step 3: Get your quote

Based on the description of your vehicle, you’ll be able to see how much it’s worth within a matter of seconds. Once you’re happy to proceed, confirm your payment details and we’ll agree on a collection date and time that suits you.

Step 4: Arranging pickup

On the day of your vehicle’s pickup, we’ll give you a call to ensure that the time is still appropriate. After you confirm, you’ll be met by a friendly Autosave driver who will take over the collection process for you. Alternatively, if you wish to drop the vehicle off with us, this can also be arranged.

Step 5: Providing your paperwork

If you have your V5 log book, hand this over to our Autosave driver before they take your vehicle away. If you don’t have the relevant documentation, make sure to inform the DVLA prior to collection. You’ll also need a form of official photo identification.

Step 6: Get paid for your scrap vehicle

After the vehicle and paperwork have been received, we’ll send the payment to your bank account on the same day.

Give us a call today! Phone lines are open ‘til 7pm weekdays.

Scrap My Car Frequently Asked Questions

What will I need to scrap my car?

Valid photo ID e.g. UK driving licence or UK passport

Proof of address e.g. bank statement, utility bill or council tax statement

Keys, unless previously agreed.

V5 log book if available.

Will I need to contact the DVLA if I don’t have my V5?

If you have your V5 log book, we will notify the DVLA for you. You will be left with a yellow slip, which you can send off to the DVLA for peace of mind. If you DO NOT have your log book, we can still take your vehicle. However, YOU must inform the DVLA as we are not permitted to do so without the document.

How do I arrange a vehicle collection?

Once you have completed our online form, someone from our collections team will be in touch to arrange the most convenient date and time for us to collect your vehicle. Usual collection times are 8am to 5pm weekdays, but we can collect early mornings and evenings if required.

Who Will collect my vehicle?

All of our drivers are professional, trusted, fully-trained Autosave employees. All our new, purpose-built collection vehicles are clearly marked, so you’ll know exactly who you’re dealing with.

How do I arrange collection?

Once you have completed our online form, someone from our collections team will be in touch to arrange a convenient time for us to come and collect your vehicle.

Normal collection times are 8-5 weekdays however we can collect early morning and Saturdays if required.

What type of payments do you accept?

The Scrap Metal Dealers Act (2013) DOES NOT allow CASH payment for scrap vehicles. All payments are made online, but we can also offer cheque payment if required.

When will the payment be made?

We make the payment via bank transfer (BACS). The payment is sent straight to your bank the same day we collect your vehicle.

Payments are made at the end of the day (16:45 – 17:00). However, if you require payment sooner, please advise a member of our team and we will happily arrange this for you.

Please note, if we collect your vehicle at the very end of the day, the driver may not make it back to site before accounts leave for the day. In the rare event that this should happen, the payment will be made the next morning.

Will I be invoiced?

You will be issued an invoice for your records. We can send this either via email or as a hard copy.

When are your phone lines open?

If you are still unsure of anything or require any further information, our phone lines are open five days a week (Monday to Friday) 8am til 7pm, and weekends 10am to 3pm. A member of our team would be more than happy to have a chat.

Why use us to scrap your car?

Here at Autosave, we pride ourselves on being DVLA authorised treatment facility (ATF). You will deal with us directly through all stages of the collection and payment process, and we can provide a free and friendly collection service to make your life that bit easier. Not only this, your funds will be sent to your bank account on the same day your vehicle is collected.

Still unsure about why you should choose us?

Autosave is one of Manchester's leading, DVLA-authorised treatment facilities, offering expertise and excellent customer service for the past 35 years. We are not a broker; you will deal directly with us through all stages of your collection and payment process. This means more money and less hassle for you.

Located in Bury, Greater Manchester, our site has been purpose built to handle high volumes of cars at one time. We process over a thousand vehicles per year in an environmentally-friendly manner, aiming to contribute towards a sustainable future.

We offer a quick, trustworthy and reliable scrap vehicle collection service throughout the North of England, working around you to make the whole process as efficient as possible.

View our simple video guide on how to scrap your car with Autosave...