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How to Scrap Steel?

It's really easy to sell your scrap steel, simply get in touch with us using the dedicated scrap steel form or give us a call and we'll give you a quote over the phone.

Scrap Steel Collection

We provide a collection service for your scrap steel to make it even easier to scrap your steel with Autosave. If you're a company that wants to sell your steel for scrap then we can help. Autosave are scrap steel buyers and we help many local businesses in the UK scrap their...

  • Steel Cuttings
  • Steel Turnings
  • Heavy Plate
  • RSJ Steel
  • Box Section
  • Steel Rebar
  • Heavy Steel
  • Steel Sheets

Scrap Steel Buyers - Making it easy for you

Autosave are scrap steel buyers and we make it quick and easy to remove your scrap steel and give you the best possible price with current market conditions. It's as simple as giving us a call or completing our scrap steel form.

Most Common Customers for Selling Scrap Steel

We have lots of different types of scrap steel customers here at Autosave, and the most common types include...

  • Construction Sites and Construction Companies
  • Kitchen Refurbishment
  • Demolition - Steel Beams
  • Renovation
  • Property Management Companies or Building Caretakers
  • Metal Fabrication - Steel cutting, turning, welding
  • House Hold Appliance - Recycling and Collection
  • Farms - Old Fencing, Machinery, Buildings etc
  • Engineering

Scrap Steel Prices

The price of scrap steel changes often so it would be unwise to include a price here. To get the latest and best prices for scrap steel simply give us a call and we'll give you the best possible price for your scrap steel. We give our prices per ton so for scrap steel prices per ton simply get in touch with the type you have and how many tons you can supply.

Scrap Steel Skips

Autosave can provide a variety of skips for scrap steel filling and collection in a range of different sizes depending on your needs. Please contact us for more information.

Scrap Steel Offcuts

If you have scrap steel offcuts then we'd love to hear from you. Autosave provide the best possible prices for your scrap steel offcuts and a competitive price per ton.

What is Scrap Steel?

Steel is a very hard grey metal which is actually an alloy mix of carbon and iron. It's most commonly used in the creation of structures and fabrication. Depending on the amount of carbon located in the mixture with iron, there are different types of steel.

Where can you find Scrap Steel?

Scrap steel is mainly the steel left behind in the creation of something, or the steel at the end of the life of what has been created.

  • Construction Sites
  • Kitchen Refurbishments
  • Plant Machinery
  • Engineering

Scrap Steel Recycling

According to Wikipedia, Steel is one of the most recycled metals on on the planet. Steel produced around the glove today is around 40% made from recycled steel and the remaining is made from raw materials (iron, carbon).

What is Carbon Steel?

Carbon Steel is simply an alloy of iron and carbon and accounts for around 90% of steel produced around the world.

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Please call us or use our scrap metal enquiry form regarding anything scrap metal and we'll be in touch ASAP.

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