What documents do you need to scrap a car?

If you’re preparing to wave farewell to your beloved (yet broken) vehicle - ready to open your arms to one that’s brand spanking new - making the decision to scrap your car should, in theory, be the easiest and most efficient route. Keep the process simple by ensuring that you’re completely prepared for collection, and bring all of the relevant documentation along with you. To help you out, we’ve put together this complete guide, which highlights exactly what you’ll need to bring along with you, and what to do if any of your documentation has been misplaced.

V5 log book

Your V5 log book, otherwise known as the vehicle registration document, is probably the most important document that you’ll need to bring along with you before getting your car scrapped. This will prove that the car you’re wanting to scrap belongs to you, preventing an unauthorised sale.

You’ll need to hand your V5 log book over to one of our Autosave drivers before they take your vehicle away to be scrapped.

Can you scrap your car without a V5 log book?

Don’t worry, if you have misplaced your V5 log book, it is still possible to get your car scrapped. However, you are legally obliged to contact the DVLA prior to collection, to let them know that you’ll be selling your vehicle as scrap to a registered ATF. You can also apply online to receive a duplicate log book, which usually costs £25.

Before applying for a duplicate log book, make sure to have the following information to hand:

  • Registration number of the vehicle
  • VIN/chassis number of your vehicle
  • Name registered on your V5 log book
  • Postcode registered on your V5 log book


The V5C/3 is a yellow slip from your vehicle registration document, which declares that you’ve sold your car to a registestered ATF. You must also make sure that you keep the receipt given to you by the ATF once the scrapping has been agreed.

Certification of Destruction

Once your car has been scrapped by the ATF, you will receive a Certificate of Destruction (COD) in the post - usually within seven days of scrapping. Only a registered ATF is permitted to issue this documentation.

What else should you bring?

Valid photo ID

Valid forms of photo identification includes:

  • UK passport
  • UK driving licence

Proof of address

A relevant proof of address could include:

  • Bank statement
  • Utility bill
  • Council tax statement


You’ll need to supply the driver collecting your vehicle with your keys, unless previously agreed.

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