At Autosave we have established ourselves as specialist in Automotive recycling. We have spent over 5 years focusing our time and attention on processing automotive wiring loom found in all types of vehicles.

Through years of experience we have perfected the process of recycling vehicle wiring loom to the highest percentage of 99% reusable products, we have secured specialist customers for our end products and have a very efficient and environmentally friendly process start to finish which now allows us to pay some of the most competitive prices in the country.


Car wiring loom
Bus wiring loom
Coach wiring loom
Truck wiring loom
High Grade cable
Greasy cable
Lead cable
steel armoured cable
PVC bright cable
Low grade cable
I.T. related cable


Autosave strive to achieve as close to 100% recycling as possible, we ensure maximum reclamation through experience and state of the art machinery sending as little as 1% of product to landfill.

We offer an extremely efficient and environmentally friendly cable recycling service that covers all types of cable.


We supply a number of large and small scale production company’s high-quality copper and plastic products. We aim to keep our supply to UK based firms as we strongly believe in the UK manufacturing industry and try to support it with high quality products.

Since perfecting our Wiring loom process we turned our attention to other types of cable such as House hold cable and IT related cable applying the same formula of hard work and dedication with great results so what ever type of cable you have we are interested.

Please contact us to find out more.


picture of cable loom
cable loom 4
cable loom bright wire