Top car security tips

Keep your car safe both at home and out and about with some great car security tips. Most of us would be lost without our cars, and that’s why protecting them is so important. From choosing where you park your car to investing in a dash cam, there are loads of ways to secure your vehicle. Having superb car security is also great for lowering car insurance costs, so that’s definitely an incentive.

Think before you park

Is the location you’re parking in well-lit? Does it have CCTV? These are just a few things to think about when parking your car somewhere. Thieves are unlikely to target your car if the area is watched by cameras and has great lighting.

Get car insurance

Getting car insurance is a safe way to secure your car and any valuables you might've left inside. But what types of car insurance are actually available?

  • Third party - this type of car insurance covers damage done to other vehicles, but it doesn’t protect your own car. Legally, this is the minimum level of car insurance you can own, making it the most common type.
  • Third party, fire and theft - TPFT is basically the same as third party, with an added benefit of coverage if your car is stolen, damaged or affected by fire.
  • Comprehensive or fully comprehensive - this is the highest level of insurance available and can offer all the perks of TPFT, as well as covering you if you damage your own car - within reason.
  • Black box insurance - anyone can use a black box but it is especially popular with new drivers and young people who often pay higher insurance prices. A black box helps to reduce insurance costs based on your driver score - sticking to the speed limit, for example, will help you earn a good score.

Are your valuables visible?

We’re all guilty of keeping valuables inside our cars from time to time, and it shouldn’t have to be an issue. Sadly, having items visible from the windows can promote car break ins. Making sure you keep any and all items out of the car, or at least hidden away, is the best way to keep them safe.

The same can be said for storing paperwork in your car. Most of us would lock paperwork away in the glovebox, but it’ll be safer in the long run to keep that paperwork at home in a safe spot. You never know what information could be gained from a loose piece of paper.

Steering lock

A common favourite for car security is investing in a steering lock. These locks jam your steering wheel and prevent it from moving, so if a thief did manage to break into your car they wouldn’t be able to drive away with it. However, they are not completely thief proof, and there are techniques to disable them. Having a steering lock is another string to your bow, but it should be coupled with other security features.

Car alarms and immobilisers

Most new cars come equipped with a car alarm and immobiliser already, as immobilisers were made compulsory for all cars manufactured after 1998. Many people prefer cars with a fitted alarm, and a lot of modern day cars provide this. If you have a car that’s on the older side, don’t worry! Both car immobilisers and alarms can be fitted to any model, so your vehicle will be safe despite its age.

Dash cams

Dash cams can be mounted either on a windscreen or on the dashboard. They have full access to whatever happens along your journey and can also be set to parking mode, continuing to record even when stationary. This is perfect for capturing any damage that might happen to your car when it's left unattended. Dash cams are also great for insurance claims as they can provide evidence and timestamps for when events occurred.

Dash cams come in three forms:

  • Front view - this includes the road ahead, and anything visible out of the windscreen.
  • Front and back view - this shows everything out of the front, as well as out of the back window. Having the added back view massively increases your car security on the road.
  • Inside view - this will record the inside of your car, and is normally used by taxi drivers.

Install a car tracker

Say that your car has unfortunately been stolen, or maybe you’ve forgotten where you’ve parked it, now this is where a tracker comes handy. A car tracker can locate your car by GPS, so you can see where it is at all times.

Faraday pouches

Keyless cars are great in theory, but they can make car theft easier. Thieves can make copies of your key fob, so they can re-create the signals that allow them to enter and start your car. Faraday pouches are the best way to stop this from happening, as they block key signals using a metallic lining.

Prevent catalytic converter theft

Stealing catalytic converters has become a problem for all car owners, but there are ways to help prevent it.

  • Restrict access - by parking close to the curb, access to your car’s converter is minimised and reduces the risk of it being stolen
  • Mark your converter - having a mark or number on your converter can make it more identifiable if stolen
  • Weld the bolts - when thieves steal a catalytic converter they unscrew it, but if the bolts are welded on this makes it a lot harder
  • Make your home secure for your car

    There are a few things you can do to your home to make sure your car is as safe as possible. This includes:

    • CCTV - installing a security camera can keep an eye on your car, and can keep track of any unusual activity
    • Motion sensor lights - these are amazing deterrents against any unwanted visitors, and are perfect for car security at home
    • Keep in a locked garage - if you have access to a lockable garage, this is the best place to keep your car
    • Put keys in a safe place - ensure your keys are kept in a safe place, and not near any doors or windows where they could be taken easily
    • Is your car safe to drive?

      When it comes to car security, the least of your worries is thieves stealing your valuables if your car isn’t secure structurally. We can offer any car parts you may need to make your vehicle safe and sound. No one should be driving a car that isn’t properly secured, and that’s why we also provide a car scrapping service for when it’s time to just get rid.

      Looking after your car will ensure it sticks around for years to come. If you’re wanting to know what else we can offer, why not contact us?