Signs that your car needs to be scrapped

Although parting ways with your beloved vehicle may be tough, it’s crucial that you don’t risk impacting your safety on the roads. Either that, or you might just feel it’s time to purchase a new set of wheels. One of the most efficient ways to dispose of your old vehicle, and put some cash towards a new one, is through scrapping your car. But what are the key signs that your car needs to be scrapped? We’re here to help.

1) Costly repairs

It’s inevitable that certain parts of your car will need to be repaired as it gets older, but if you’re noticing that the odd alert is becoming a regular thing, this could be an indication that your car needs to be scrapped. Constant fixes may end up costing more than you originally paid for your car, so scrapping is a cost-effective alternative. Plus, you can put money towards a brand new, and more reliable, motor.

2) Your car has been written off

If your car has been written off it could break the bank to fix, or be near impossible to get back on the roads. In this scenario, checking to see how much you could get in return for your scrap is the best option.

3) Avoid the hassle of selling

Going through the process of selling your car can be more hassle than it's worth, especially if you can’t imagine getting much money in return. Rather than testing your patience, why not get your car scrapped instead? The process is much simpler, a pick up can be arranged at a time that fits around your schedule, and the payment will be sent straight to your bank on the day of collection.

4) You no longer use the car

In instances where you’ve already bought a new car, you rely on public transport to get around, or you’re no longer able to drive, it might be time to scrap it. Why take up extra space when you don’t need to?

5) Fuel inefficiency

A car that isn’t fuel efficient can end up wearing down a hole in your pocket over long periods of time, and with fuel prices climbing by the day, it’s preferable to look for a cheaper solution. With new vehicles being produced every day that boast fuel efficiency advancements, it could save you money in the long run to get your old vehicle scrapped, making room for a model that’s more cost-effective.

6) Rusting

Parts of your car rusting can indicate a bigger problem, especially if you don’t resolve the issue as soon as possible. Cars that are gradually consumed by rust are more prone to damage, compromising your vehicle’s safety. Ensure that you’re protected on the roads by scrapping your car, putting your money towards a trustworthy new one.

7) You feel unsafe when driving

Do you trust that your car will get you through a longer journey, without having to make regular stops? Or is the chance of ending up on the side of the road more likely? If you do ever start to feel unsafe when driving, you should definitely consider investing in a new motor, and scrapping your old one.

8) Your family is growing

When your family begins to grow, you may start to feel as though you don’t have as much car room as you’d like - this is particularly noticeable when heading off on holiday. Instead of making desperate attempts to increase leg room, or playing Tetris in your boot, get your old car scrapped and make room for a new, bigger model. Your joints will thank you for it.

If this is sounding a little too familiar, it could be time to get your car scrapped. Here at Autosave, you can rely on our team of professionals to carry you through the process, ensuring that you get instant cash for your motor. Contact us today to find out more.