The best car maintenance tips

So, what good can regular maintenance checks do for your motor? The short answer is, plenty. Although it may seem like a tedious task to ensure that everything is in tip-top condition, you’ll certainly benefit from this in the long run. Not only will your car last longer, you can feel assured that you won’t experience any inconvenient hiccups on long journeys, avoiding serious accidents in some cases. If you have no idea where to start when it comes to car maintenance, worry not. Autosave is here to provide you with the best tips and tricks to guarantee a healthy, long-lasting vehicle.

Check your car tyres

The first essential car maintenance tip is to check up on your tyres regularly, ideally once a month, or before a long journey. If your tyre pressure isn’t at the right level - which will vary between vehicles - you might start to notice that you have less control over your car’s steering, which will impact both yours and other driver’s safety on the roads. Not only this, your tyres will get worn down quicker, shortening their overall lifespan and performance.

Secondly, look out for any wear and tear that your tyres may have endured, such as cuts or punctures. If your tyres are damaged to a point where they could end up impacting your safety on the road, you might want to consider purchasing some new ones. Here at Autosave, we have a wide variety of tyres that are compatible with a range of makes and models, also offering spare wheels and spare saver kits for breakdowns to stay prepared.

Check engine oil level

To avoid the risk of a breakdown or damaging your car’s engine, you’ll also need to keep an eye on your car’s engine oil level. Too much or too little could lead to damage, so always aim to get it somewhere between the minimum and maximum amounts labeled on your car’s dipstick.

Working car battery

It’s advised that you should check your car battery at least twice a year, with the average lifespan being roughly four years. There are certain warning signs to look out for, such as dim headlights, a clicking sound when turning the key or backfiring, so if you’ve been experiencing anything similar to this, now is the time to get a battery replacement. Used car batteries are a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly solution, making the most out of batteries that still have plenty of life left in them as well as recycling your old one - all to ensure that your vehicle performs at its best.

Clean car mirrors

Off-road drives paired with inevitable British showers can result in grime build-up on your car mirrors, so before you set off on another journey, make sure to give these a good wipe. Otherwise, this could end up impairing your vision on the roads. If your car mirrors are cracked and damaged beyond repair, order a replacement through our car partsservice to avoid a safety hazard.

Testing your brakes

Testing your brakes must be done within a safe environment, rather than risking anyone else getting hurt. After ensuring that there’s no one behind you, accelerate up to 30mph, then brake to a stop. If you notice that your pedal starts juddering, rather than operating smoothly as it should do, the issue should be addressed and resolved immediately by a professional.


Your headlights are essential for enhancing your vehicle’s visibility on the roads, making sure that you can clearly see any potential dangers in your path. To check them, simply turn your headlights on within a safe environment, then walk around your vehicle to confirm that both are shining brightly.

Windscreen wipers

Keep your eyes peeled for any visible damage to your windscreen wiper blades when giving them a regular wipe. If you do notice anything, you’ll need to get them replaced immediately. Otherwise, you’ll risk chipping your windscreen, and if these develop into cracks, you’ll end up having to replace the whole thing as opposed to a simple repair.


Coolant isn’t just for winter, you need to replenish this regularly to last your car all year round, due it being a temperate regulator. Not only will this liquid stop your engine from getting damaged by stopping water from freezing during colder months, it will also prevent your car from overheating.

For cars that are damaged beyond repair

If your vehicle has been in your life for quite some time, and you’re noticing that occasional blips are starting to become a regular occurrence and resulting in pricey repairs, it could be time for a new ride. Scrapping your car is an efficient solution in this scenario, as not only will you get some bucks for your old banger, we can pick-up your vehicle for you at a convenient time. It’s a win-win.

At Autosave, your road safety is our priority. Whether you’re looking for working car parts to keep your current car maintained, or you’re planning on scrapping it to exchange the money for a brand new vehicle, we’re here to help. Get in touch with our team today to get started!